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As It Ends, It Begins Anew.

New Cycle is a Strategy/Colony Survival game set in a Dieselpunk-esque post-apocalyptic 2073, after a series of solar flares deprived the world of all its technological advancements in the year 2034.

Prepare to bring disparate communities together by establishing a city, fulfill your new subjects’ physical and social needs -sometimes in spite of them- by establishing production networks reminiscent of the old world, build and manage the infrastructure to keep them alive, and seek desperate measures to ensure the perpetuation of your kind and, potentially, life itself in a world doomed to nothingness.

  • Product        : New Cycle
  • Platform       : PC
  • Genre           : Strategy/City Management/Post-Apoc. Colony Survival
  • Developer    : Core Engage Yazılım A.S.
  • Publisher      :
  • Status           : In Early Alpha Testing